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About me:

I retired five years ago to help care for some of my grandchildren, providing transportation to and from school and caring for some of the grandchildren who did not attend school at that time. This “job” has been a true blessing to me and I thank God for His guidance. Retirement also made it possible for me to volunteer in my church, Yorkshire, as much as I can. Maintaining Yorkshire Church’s website is one of my privileges along with helping with the running of the tech board for Sunday services. I do that once a month. 

I strive to make every day count for God. In making that possible, I need to, as we all should, spend time with God through bible studies, devotionals, and just reading the Word. I am a retired school librarian. Today’s school librarians (at least since the 90’s) spend lots of time on the Internet if they want to stay up-to-date with books and research for their students so I became proficient in using a computer. This skill and also the lack of space for hard back books in my home has led me to resources that are online to help me achieve my goal of spending time with God everyday.

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