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The purpose of this website/blog is to foster lifelong biblical learning and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

 Advantages to using online resources are:

 1. Collecting Bibles, devotionals, and Bible study materials can become quite expensive let alone having the space to keep it all. Using online references allows the user to access an enormous amount of materials and most of it is  free. 

 2. Highlighting and taking notes is often desired and these elements are built into most biblical websites.

 3. Using an online reading plan makes "life" so easy! Reading passages in the Bible is just a click away. Reminders to use the resources can be created so the user will always remember to follow the program.

 4. A group Bible study rather than a personal study is most often preferred and community availabilty is also something built into these websites.

 5. You can take your Bible or bible study with you! Since these websites are online or available on an app, the user can view it on the phone or tablet. 

 6. Finally, we live digital lives. Reading God's Word should be just as close as your music, photos, mail box and messaging service.  

The focus here is to introduce the viewer (you) to websites that could aid in your journey to growing closer to God. This website will not rate the resources because everyone has their preferences for what they need.  Websites by professionals and ministers are included as well as those created by lay persons. 

You are welcome to use the blog to comment on what you see and suggest other websites that you have found.